Performance that Speaks for Itself.

This has been the cornerstone for Unical Aviation right from the start. Founded in 1990, we have continually focused on three major areas that have enabled us to become an integral part of the airline industry.

We provide exceptional service, and commitment in meeting our customer's needs and requirements.

We have created a positive, stable working environment for our employees to flourish.

We are proud to have developed a beneficial partnership with our shareholders and investment bankers that makes Unical Aviation the "Investment of Choice".

As a conscientious global partner, Unical Aviation is also committed and takes great pride, in lending a helping hand to those in need.

Why Unical Aviation?...because it makes sense.

Next time you have a specific material need or requirement, be it a service, or a part, let Unical Aviation provide your solution.

Unical Aviation has the edge, due to its high quality, extensive knowledge and parts research capability, comprehensive inventory and its worldwide distribution channels.

Since 2006 and beyond, why Unical Aviation?...Because it makes sense.